I’m not fickle fellow, i’m a fellow with a few faces.

I know I’m not a fickle person, and I’m not easily led. I know I’m not one for being dishonest, or being untrue to myself. But there is a natural phenomenon that I’m sure doesn’t just affect me. Its something that happens without thought or provocation, I’m not even aware it’s happened at all… well what I’m trying to say is…

I’m a different person around different people.

I know that sound bizarre as though you, put on a front or exaggerate certain characteristics of your own personality to fit in. Maybe you tell the occasional lie to blend in, about what you like, you’ve seen, or you do. But that’s not what I mean.

I’m referring to hats. We all have them, invisible as they are, a whole array of the most elaborate and interesting kinds. We’ve out work hat – professional, serious, forward thinking… our studying hat –  academic, philosophical, studious… our friend hat, caring, contemplative and kind… our daughter/son hat – young and still secretly wanting mum…

We all have a complex psyche, and we all have many layers and sides to our personality that reflect us in different ways. What amazes me is how people can only get to see one side, depending on what environment they see you in. They’re perception can be so different to that of another’s just because they’re restricted in their contact with you.

It allows for something special, you can showcase your many talents, your many sides and different traits. It allows you to shock people almost daily, as a comment, a look, something outside of their version of you sneaks in, and catches them off guard. You can, reinvent yourself – not confined to the role you used to fit in. Maybe you’re the quiet one at work, but you could be the life and soul of your group of friends, and be a naturist at the weekend.

I don’t think we should shy away from these changes. They aren’t on purpose, we aren’t changing ourselves, losing our true us in an attempt to find our place. We’re just adapting, as we should. Don’t feel bad or feel fickle for being more than one person, we’re all a lot of things to other people after all.

I’m not a fickle fellow, I’m a fellow with a fair few faces, and friends that’s fine for me!