“This is my daily journal, this is fountain pen,

These are my moments of clarity, my chance to truly be me.

This is my little outlet, this is my self-expressed,

These are my midday musings, my thoughts and feelings set free.”


A blog of reflection and contemplation on any little thoughts that may pass me – a chance to share some with you.

I’m a 21 year Old BA (Hons) English Student from the UK. I love writing and reading alike, whether studying, musing, for work or enjoyment. I write for the University paper as an Entertainment writer, covering reviews, previews, up and coming events, shows, exhibitions and the like.

This is a space to muse more broadly though. To enjoy just writing for writings sake, to vent issues or problems, debate ideas that pop into my head or are raised, to discuss and ponder life’s great questions. I try not to be to profound or something more intellectual than I am. I write as I think and therefore I hope it comes across with compassion and honesty.

If you like something you read or would like to pass an opinion, Please do like or comment. I will always reply and try to engage with whatever has been put 🙂 Alternatively, if you fancy posing a question or topic for discussion, please post or you can always email me directly at eruditereflection@hotmail.co.uk. 

Hope you enjoy and pop back again soon!


10 thoughts on “About

  1. I really like “I try not to be to profound or something more intellectual than I am”. I also try to avoid that, though I am guilty of trying to be funny when I should probably just stop. Lovely blog and I look forward to reading some posts 🙂

    • Thank you so much. Well I think some people do try to sound like something their not, they try to be intelligent sounding or philosophical, or preacherish, I’m just spitting out whatevers rolling around in my brain. Yes humour, I don’t go in for that in a big way, I throw in the odd comment if it pops into my head, but you can’t force how you are. How you write is how you speak, and the only humour I do is crude and normally fairly inappropriate, so I leave that out 😉 Definitely following you back!

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