It’s never easy being young…

People are always afraid of getting old, of finding those fine lines and grey hairs of time passing them by, of missing opportunities and the sense that each day you’re the best you’ll ever be. If I’m honest, I’ve never really prescribed to that philosophy. Since a child, if I was the closer side of six months to my birthday, I’ve always rounded up. Being young for me was always difficult, always feeling too old for my years and hating the condescending stares of those more experienced eyes around me. Age for me always represented, progression, wisdom, experience, passion, learning… Moving away from the past and growing into the person that I feel inside, each year finding my feet a little more…

Thats easy to say when everything’s going well, when you’ve a plan, when you’re still only 22 and have you ‘whole life ahead of you’. But it’s not easy beings young – the Argo, the angst, the attitudes. All this raging hormones and learning curves, new lessons and choices to make. The world might be your oyster, but they are a delicacy to get used too. There’s the opposite sex, and sex, and then the ex; growing pains, growth spurts and guessing… It might be an exciting road we travels, but however worn it’s still got its fair share of bumps and twists and turns.

Decisions come thick and fast, what to do, where to go, what to be, who to be with, what to want, what t get, what to aspire too, what to work for… And that sinking feeling that these questions will remain unanswered and sought for a fairly long time. Life after all doesn’t get any easier or let up instead striving forward and creating new challenges – not the easiest thing t comprehend. If I could go back and grow up again, I can say I wouldn’t. I still haven’t for a start, I’m still 15 somewhere inside, trying my best to look the part, to fit in, to do well, to achieve…

But it’s not easy. Even getting out of adolescence isn’t easy with the present economy. School leavers, or Uni graduates, everyone s struggling to find their place in the world. Those with a career plan are finding it virtually impossible to get started in with the lack of jobs, and the rest who are unsure are desperately vying for whatever wage they can take. As a young thing, I’ll admit it all seems a rather daunting prospect.


One thought on “It’s never easy being young…

  1. For me in my 20’s, I was with someone that didn’t support me in my dreams, so I just stuck to corporate america, and was miserable, Lol She always said she’d leave if I pursued what I wanted to do (which was Film Making), and so I chose her over my dreams… And paid for it in the back end. How? We fell out of love, but stayed together, and I was miserable, and she got involved with someone else while we were still together. But but did either of us know… For me, she was my first love, and my best friend, so I couldn’t get myself to end it. And for her, she had anxiety issues with jobs, and so I supported us.

    Bottom Line, for me anyway, the 20’s were a time of figuring out who I was, what I wanted, and what I didn’t want, from relationships, jobs, career Etc.

    And so when she left right before I turned 30, I was Free… Thusly, the 30’s were Awesome! A time of pursuing my Passions, and being with, and around the people that I wanted to be with, and/or around.

    40 on the other hand was very strange, and so I just kind of watched it go by… I’ve always Loved Birthdays, where most people I know hate em… But like I say, 40 was kinda weird… But I’ve really found difficult about 40ish, is My mom turning 70… Now that really hit me hard, and took a couple years to get through… I mean, her health is good, but still, she’s one of my Closest Friends, and I just can’t imagine a World without her.

    So all I can say about your 20’s is, be patient with Life, and Yourself if you can… It’s very much a Figuring out who you are kinda of time… And though I was in a 8 year relationship with the same person for the most of it, other people I knew in the 20’s were instead dating people they shouldn’t… The 30’s just Rocked Though!

    Nice Blog


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