Pride in our Nation.

So Yesterday it was America’s big 4th of July celebrations, and my friend wrote this. “I sat in my garden, listening to the world go by without it really affecting me. Yet suddenly, a loud bang broke my silence and there it was, tiny sparkling flaming lights dancing in the sky – Fireworks. Somewhat Ironically people, English People, were celebrating a country gaining independence from them and I had to think, what an odd relationship the States and England have, in a positive sort of way” – Well of course. What a profound and brilliant musings from somewhere I admire greatly.

It got me thinking about America, our great friend and supporter and their attitude towards their country.

How many people do you meet who are so enthusiastic about their great nation, about their life, about their leaders, their holidays, about supporting each other, their fellow American… and it made me think, Why don’t we have that? We’re approaching a milestone for the United Kingdom, the Olympics is coming and how many people say, “I’m not really that bothered” or “waste of time”. If you aren’t a sports fan then understandably, so what about the Queens Jubilee…

How many people slated her and the state, claiming to hate the monarchy? Why? Why can’t we be proud of our nation, of our country and all that we are. Of our fellow-man, our position in the world, our… openness and acceptance of other cultures within ours. That maybe a contentious point, but we be so god damn – damning.

The Queens Jubilee was the first time I felt a sense of, English-ness. Of a country being united in support of our nation, of each other, celebrating what makes England great together. I felt proud to be british, to see the amazing talent at the show, to see our royal family standing together, to see the streets lined with people, out to celebrate British-ness. As soon as I’d felt this elation, I felt a pang of remorse…. it wasn’t going to last. It wasn’t going to last the weekend, let alone the week, or the year.

We are a flawed nation, as most are admittedly. We act as though we are a nation still with a large colony and able to compete on the international stage, when really, we are a small island with big dreams and aspirations. We have a past that we can’t be necessarily be proud of, of the empire and our role within it, but then, its our heritage, we should be. We are our nation, we have the opportunity, the chance to make her great, we are our country, each and every one of us, so if we strive for greatness, our country will too.

Most of our nation love our history. The programmes on the Tudors, the great Henry the VIII and Elizabeth, the Windsors and the Stuarts, Queen Victoria and The Duchess of Devonshire. They represent a time when England, the UK was a nation of greatness, of excess, of wealth, of power and elegance. Why don’t we feel that now? Why don’t we all strive to have that same dignity in our country today, to want to make it better, to feel that sense of belonging and unconditional pride.

I love my country, I love being British, I love the accent, the diverse cultures, the counties with their quirks, the scenery, the coast, the tiny island that is us, I wouldn’t want to be any other nationality, yet I’m jealous of those countries with that national Pride. I guess, I just wish, we could all love her too.


5 thoughts on “Pride in our Nation.

  1. lovely post. I’m Swiss but live in America right now so there’s always that slightly odd feeling of being included in patriotic celebrations for a country one is not a citizen of. It didn’t make me feel isolated or patriotic for my own country, but, somewhere in between….dare I say it… neutral…. 🙂

    • Thank you, very kind of you to say! 🙂 Yes gosh I hadn’t considered non natives living in a country. Neutral is a good word, I’d have joined in I have to say, but it does make you think.

    • Aren’t they gorgeous?! Grab a sewing machine and some material and get too it, I love handmade goodies! (For the record, those are not mine, they are off the web, mine would be… more homemade looking 🙂 )

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