Walk along a beach. Feel the sand between your toes, the light spray on your face, the sun setting. Feel the breeze on your brow, an evening wind ruffle your hair, and tickle your skin. Walk on the pebbles, feel their smooth shapes, digging gently into your feet, glancing your toes, cold on your skin.

Stare out to sea. To the horizon as far as you can each direction. The clouds disappearing in the distance, the sea and sky becoming one. Hear the waves crash, the tide roll in and out, the surf white dancing as each waves clips and rolls into one another.

Feel. Completely. Insignificant.

We spend our lives obsessed, not maybe on purpose, but at least absorbed in our own lives. We spend our time worrying about the little things, the complex things, the things we can’t control. We cant control any of it. Listen to the forces of nature and realise how tiny you really are. I mean this in the best possible way.

Feel humbled, feel free, feel totally lost in the vastness of your surroundings. Let your worries drift on the wind, your preoccupations crush into the sand, your stresses roll out with the tides.

Follow the steps of the man before you. The footsteps in the sand. Place your feet in the indents and walk a path already taken. What were they thinking, as they strolled like you. Where were they going. Walk alongside them, take their strides within your own. Share their own journey, feel the remnants of their presence.Walk you own path along, leave behind your own trail, your own story, your own lines of thought. Press your feet deep and hard, make them count. Let your feelings float free.

Remember your thoughts, savour the feeling of freedom, accept the sense of life made simple. Things laid bare.


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